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Free DWG viewer - Autodesk DWG TrueView

free DWG viewer Did you get a plan, but you can't view it? The most commonly used file format for engineering designs is DWG. The DWG format is usually associated with AutoCAD software, despite the fact that DWG technology is an integral part of many design software.
The file format for AutoCAD drawings, DWG , is used as an industry standard in many areas.

The free (no need to register) Autodesk DWG TrueView software for viewing DWG files, can be used to convert, to measure distance on plans, and to print.

By using the free viewer - which corresponds to a reduced AutoCAD - after opening the DWG file, you can use the classic measure functions (length, area, volume, radius and angle), you have option to query the properties of known drawing elements or a specified point. For accurate results, of course, object raster points (endpoint, midpoint, etc.) are automatically recognized.

Key features of DWG TrueView

  • Free
  • No registration for download
  • View and print a DWG / DXF file types
  • Convert DWG file (back to AutoCAD R14)
  • Ability of measure (distance, area, angle) in the drawing and capability of query properties, visibility control
  • Publish a DWG file in DWF and PDF format

How it works?

The software includes a "DWG to PDF" driver, but you can also install a free PDF printer / driver on your computer. In this case you can make a DWG to PDF conversion.

DWG TrueView The viewer software is english, you can download it for free from Autodesk website.

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